China's new crown vaccine is not only the fastest in the world, but also the safest. It is reported that tens of thousands of people have been vaccinated with related vaccines, and they are all very safe.

   On November 6, the 3rd Hongqiao International Health Technology Innovation Forum was held in the 3rd CIIE Pavilion. At the forum, Liu Jingzhen, Chairman of Sinopharm Group, said when talking about topics related to the new crown vaccine, there are currently hundreds of thousands. People were vaccinated urgently with two new inactivated vaccines under Sinopharm Group. There was no serious adverse reaction. The number of people who left the country after vaccination reached 56,000, and none of them have been infected.

   Prior to this, Sinopharm issued a document through its WeChat public account "Sinopharm Group", saying that up to now, two new crown inactivated vaccines of China Biological are currently undergoing phase III clinical trials in multiple countries in an orderly manner, and the sample population has now covered 125 Nationality, 50,000 people were enrolled, and no serious adverse reactions were found.

   This phase III clinical trial has created many global firsts in terms of the number of people enrolled in the group, the country and population of sample coverage, the guarantee of medical resources, and the advanced facilities.

   Although my country's new crown vaccine has not yet been launched on a large scale, some cities can already accept user appointments in advance. For example, some cities in Zhejiang previously stated that starting from October 20th, appointments for the new crown vaccine will be opened for everyone, but the order of injections is in the order of appointment.

   The notice shows that the emergency vaccination procedure for the new crown vaccine is 2 doses, 14-28 days apart, the recommended interval is 28 days, and the vaccination age is 18-59 years old. The price of the vaccine is 200 yuan/bottle (bottle), two doses totaling 400 yuan, and the vaccination service fee is 28 yuan per dose.

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