On May 14, a reporter from CCTV interviewed Ran Chengqi, director of China Satellite Navigation System Management Office. Ran Chengqi said that China plans to launch the last Beidou satellite next month, which is also the "end star" of China's Beidou-3 system. The last satellite of the Beidou-3 system to be launched is a geostationary satellite. Prior to this, China's Beidou system has provided services to the world.

Ran Chengqi, Director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office: Our Beidou (No. 3 system) has a total of 30 satellites, and now has 29 satellites, and the last satellite. At present, both the satellite and the rocket have entered the launch site, and we are preparing for the pre-launch work, which is expected to be implemented as planned.

Beidou No.3 system is the third step of the construction of Beidou satellite navigation system in China. After completion, it will provide services to the whole world. After the successful launch of the satellite to be launched next month, it will be officially put into operation after a period of on-orbit operation.

China's Beidou launch

Ran Chengqi, Director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office: After the launch of this satellite, at an appropriate time this year, we will announce the completion of the global system and provide all of our Beidou services, including basic services such as this, as well as high precision Service, Beidou short message service, etc., we will have a comprehensive service opening, will also bring new highlights to the world satellite navigation.

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