On November 15th, according to CCTV reports, Liu Guanghui, a scientist at the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his team have found a new gene to "decipher part of the aging code."
Slow down aging
It is reported that Liu Guanghui and his team have found a molecular switch to "keep cells young", which can slow down the rhythm of cell aging by resetting the epigenetic clock of aging.

slow down the rhythm of cell

This key "switch" is actually an epigenetic enzyme. When it is turned on, human cells will become senescent, and when the switch is turned off, the rate of senescence of human stem cells will slow down, and even cell senescence to a certain extent. Be reversed.

Through gene therapy based on molecular switches, the research team can now find that this result can extend the lifespan of mice by 25%.

They expressed that they hope to use technological innovation to help achieve healthy aging and achieve a state of being old and not aging, old and disease-free.

It is reported that the research team has cultivated and screened tens of millions of human cells for seven years, and verified dozens of undiscovered genes that can promote cell senescence from more than 20,000 human genes. Through repeated screening, a new human aging-promoting gene named KAT7 was finally confirmed.

Experiments have confirmed that partial inactivation of this gene in the liver of elderly mice can make 81% of mice more than 130 weeks old, which is approximately equal to 80 years of humans.

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