Recently, China's first 20-kilowatt high-power Hall thruster, developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. 801, successfully completed the ignition test. The ignition time totaled 8 hours and the number of ignitions exceeded 30 times. The successful research and development of this thruster has realized the thrust of Hall electric thruster in China from millinewton to cattle.

During the test, the thruster had reliable ignition, stable operation, and stable working parameters. The measured thrust was 1 N, the specific impulse was 3068 seconds, and the efficiency was greater than 70%. The performance index reached the international advanced level.

cattle-class Hall thruster

Some Hall Thruster Products

It is reported that the thruster is designed with new technologies such as hollow cathode centering and long magnetic shield life. During development, key technologies such as high-current hollow cathodes, lightweight and compact accelerators, efficient thermal management, and high-voltage and high-power stable discharge have been adopted. They have the characteristics of large thrust, high specific impulse, long working life, and high reliability. Geostationary orbit) satellites, medium / heavy all-electric push platforms, deep space probes, earth orbit space transport platforms, space shuttles and other spacecraft, orbital maneuvering, providing efficient dynamic support for orbital maintenance and attitude control tasks.

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