The Tencent Open Source Mirror Site has been launched recently. Its official name is Tencent Cloud Software Source, which is supported by Tencent Cloud.

The official said that the purpose of building this open source mirror station is to promote the value of free software, improve the cultural atmosphere of the free software community, and promote the application of free software in China.

Tencent's open source software image site provides downloads of major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Arch Linux, CentOS, and Debian, as well as popular open source projects and SDK downloads such as the Android SDK, Ceph, Flutter, Qt, and Zabbix.

In terms of speed, some netizens provided a screenshot of the Ubuntu ISO file for reference:

By using the Tencent cloud image source, the problem of slow access to the official source when installing software dependencies can be solved to some extent.

In addition, Tencent software source station supports public network access and intranet access of Tencent cloud server. Cloud servers without public network export can use software source station through intranet, which is convenient for users to freely build service structure.



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