Following the release of the "Kunlun" chip at the developer conference last year, Baidu CTO Dr. Wang Haifeng at the Baidu AI conference, Wang Haifeng released a new chip - the far-field voice interactive chip "Hong Hao".

According to reports, the Hongjun chip uses the HiFi4 custom instruction set, dual-core DSP core, and the average power consumption is only 100mW. This chip is built according to the car standard, and will bring great convenience for car voice interaction, smart furniture and other scenes.

Considering that Baidu and Geely have already reached strategic cooperation in the fields of intelligent network, smart driving, smart home, e-commerce, etc., it is not difficult to guess that the Hongsheng chip is expected to be deployed in the vehicle system of Geely Automobile.


Obviously, after the voice interaction is greatly improved, the usage and convenience of the artificial intelligence assistant will be greatly improved.

As mentioned in the previous article, Kunlun, released last year's Baidu AI conference, was the industry's most powerful AI chip, using Samsung's 14nm process, with 260TOPS performance, 512GB/s bandwidth, 100W + power consumption, tens of thousands of small cores Composition.

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